No Sew Tapestry Frames

A Tapestry Frame will Improve the Finished Result of your Needlepoint from the First Stitch!

As you stitch in tent stitch, your tapestry inevitably begins to distort.  This can be discouraging as your work becomes more and more lop sided and  many stitchers worry that they are doing something wrong or that they are bad at stitching, but it is quite normal.

Our Stretching and Making Up Service can sort out the problem but the very best results come from tapestries that have been stitched on a frame.

If you are a beginner, it is well worth starting as you mean to go on and investing in a good tapestry frame from the outset.
The work still may go a little bit crooked, but the sides will remain parallel and you won’t get the hugely distorted – usually bottom right and top left – pointy corners that are the hallmark of a tapestry stitched “in the hand” and may never truly go away, even after stretching.

I have 2 kinds of frames in stock:

Universal Bar Frames  

For small tapestries, choose two pairs of bars to make a square or oblong frame.
£4.50 per frame

Universal Bar Frames are very light and easy to use. Just push the bars together and attach your canvas with drawing pins. Ideal for young stitchers.

Easy Clip Frames

12 inch clip frame £13.45
18 inch clip frame  £14.75
21 inch clip frame £15.40
24 inch clip frame  £17.10

I am so pleased with these.  ‘No Sew’ tapestry frames that really work!
They cost a little bit more than the traditional sew-on frames, but the saving of time and fiddling makes them completely worth it!
I have been using Easy Clip Frames for many years and am confident in recommending them to my customers.

The 12 inch frame is just right for small – middle-sized canvases.  You can trim a little off the canvas at the sides only, but it should be at least 10 inches deep for these frames, to give you room to attach the canvas and to work comfortably at the top and bottom.

The 18 inch size will fit all of my designs, but the larger ones will need side trimming to make them fit the frame.  Be sure to leave about an inch (3 cms) of spare canvas either side of the design area, for the stretching process after the needlework is finished prior to making up.

The 21 inch frame is more versatile and will fit all of my canvases.

The 24 inch frame is for the largest of canvases.  It is essential for those of course, or if your stitching technique involves resting the frame on the arm of your chair. but on the whole I prefer the convenience of the 18 inch frames.
If you would like to discuss tapestry frames, I am always happy to help.
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