Beginners and Children’s Tapestry Kits

Tapestry / Needlepoint Starter Kits for any age.

Easy to see, easy to stitch designs for Girls, Boys or Adults.  These little tapestries will get New Stitchers off to a flying start.
Clear Instructions and Stitch Diagrams to help you along the way are included in the pack.

Mini Chicks starter tapestry kit
Mini Monkey starter tapestry kit
Mini Scarecrow starter tapestry kit
Mini Owl starter tapestry kit
Mini Ted starter tapestry kit
Mini Whale starter tapestry kit

Colouring In BoatColouring In for Children

Like a colouring book, the canvas is printed with a black outline to be stitched first, then the colours filled in with stitches, however the child chooses. For Boys as much as Girls.

Colouring In Boat
Colouring In Puppy
Colouring In Caterpillar
Colouring In Sun Hat Sam
Colouring In Sun Bonnet Sue
Colouring In Tractor

Some Especially Easy Designs

If you are keen to try tapestry and would prefer to start with a proper cushion, these designs are easy to do and forgiving if you go a little bit wrong. Tapestry is for pleasure, not an exam, so don’t worry about “wrong” stitches and certainly don’t worry about the back!

Blue Hens
Blue Hens
12 count Tapestry
Conkers Lumbar Cushion