Latest designs

Brand new Night Owls is a treat for all.  Who can resist this slightly comical collection of wise old owls.   The 10 count canvas has big holes so it is easy to see and stitch.
We continue to expand the exotic Mandala range of designs. Painted Chickens (with chicks) is the most recent addition.

Favourite Dogs on our Extra Special Charted Kits page now include a cute Sausage Dog and a Westie.  Remember, the dogs can be facing right or left and have any colour background.  just email when you order.
Finally,  the ever popular Acorns Brick Doorstop is now available with a black background.
Night Owls 10 count Tapestry

Painted Chickens 12 count Tapestry
Painted Elephant 12 count tapestry
Painted Cat 12 count Tapestry
Painted Pony 12 count Tapestry
Dachshund 12 count Charted Tapestry