Left Handed Stitching

From what they have been telling me, I know that some left handed stitchers have great difficulty with their tapestry (needlepoint) stitching.
Wool, canvas and needles do not have a right and left side – or a right and wrong.  So why should it be more difficult?  I wondered if they are trying to stitch in a right handed sort of way and maybe it would be easier if they just do it THEIR way.  
But I am right-handed, so what do I know…?
Nevertheless, I have written some “No Fuss Instructions for Left Handed Tent Stitch” that might solve the problem.
Reassuringly,  I have been encouraged and thanked by a left-hander who had struggled for years and then found my instructions solved all the problems.

You only have to ask.  Email me if you would like a copyof the No Fuss Instructions, and I will send you the diagrams free of charge.
One Off Needlework No Fuss Left Handed Instructions.  ©Wendy Hope-Falkner

Your stitching will slope ‘the wrong way’ but that won’t matter unless you are wanting to attempt competitive stitching as they do in The United States.
So if American exhibition stitching intrigues you, we also have the original needlepoint stitching instructions from Anything Left Handed.
They are no longer printing them but we have their permission to make them available to you.
Just ask if you would like a copy of these as well.
They look VERY complicated to me, which is why I looked for an easier way.

Happy stitching.

Wendy Hope-Falkner