Easy to stitch

Straightforward, relaxing designs for holidays, or if you would like to learn to needlepoint, but are not interested in stitching the small Starter Kits. These easy going projects will soon get you hooked on tapestry!
Tapestry/Needlepoint is so therapeutic and addictive that you will surprise yourself at how quickly you finish a whole cushion tapestry.
The designs on this page are especially easy and fun to do.  Please don’t worry if you put a stitch wrong – it won’t show, you will never find it again and neither will anyone else.
10 count tapestry is easier – has bigger canvas holes and 10 stitches to the inch.  12 count has 12 stitches to the inch.

Vintage Rose
Morning Glory
Acorns Lumbar
Red Patch
Mosaic Hearts
Cat's Whiskers Tapestry kit
Christmas Bunting

This is just a start… 

But before you go, do have a look at my blog: Tapestry for the Terrified.