Comfortable 12 holes to the inch (12 count) designs at the top of this page;  10 count designs with easy-to-see, bigger holes follow on.

Painted Elephant
12 count Tapestry
Painted Pony 12 count needlepoint kit
Painted Cat tapestry kit from One Off Needlework
Painted Cat
12 count Tapestry

Painted Chickens
Acorns Lumbar Cushion
Acorns Black Lumbar Cushion
Black Hens
Blue Hens
Blue Check Teddy
butterfly col180x180
Patch Hearts
Cat's Whiskers
Labrador Red
Log Cabin
Red Patch
Silver Wedding
Ruby Wedding
Golden Wedding
Diamond Wedding
Black Millefiori Cushion
Green Millefiori Round cushion
Pink Elephants 180 x 180
1000 Years Of Flowers
1000 YEARS of Flowers (blue)

Night Owls
Dancing teddies tapestry kit
Balloons tapestry kit
Oriental Cat
Music Tapestry Kit
Mosaic Hearts

Diamond Jubilee
12 count Tapestry
£65.80NOW £49.99
Royal Baby
Counted Cross Stitch
More kits for collectors:
Royal Commemoratives