Our Traditional Christmas Stockings and Tree Ornaments have something for everyone who prefers tapestry to tinsel. Stockings can all be personalised with alphabet charts provided in the kit.
The small tapestries are very versatile for present giving.  Add cord and hang them on door or cupboard handles; or for a bit more impact, they can be made up as full size cushions
And now, a brand new idea for tapestry – Christmas Bunting is here. 
Hang it up over a door or fireplace and you have instant Christmas!

Our Making Up Service can make up Stockings and Cushions for you. Please send in your tapestries before November 1st for making up in time for Christmas.

Reindeer Stocking
Sampler Stocking
Red Stocking
White Garland Stocking
Black Garland Stocking
Midnight Starry Stocking
Pink Starry Stocking
Light Blue Starry Stocking
Christmas Bunting
Christmas Tree Ornaments
Winter Trees
Christmas Trees
Red Robins