Christmas Stockings

Eight Tapestry Christmas Stockings for Children and Adults.
All the stockings can be personalised with charted alphabets in the kit and plenty of graph paper to help you mark out the letters.
What could be nicer than a hand stitched traditional Needlepoint Christmas Stocking to wrap gifts for someone very special. These fabulous Stockings will be hung up at Christmas time for years to come.

Instructions in the kit for making it up, but if you prefer – our Making Up Service can do it for you.

More Christmassy Tapestries to stitch.

Reindeer Stocking
White Garland Stocking
Black Garland Stocking
Sampler Stocking
Light Blue Starry Stocking
Pink Starry Stocking
Midnight Starry Stocking
Red Stocking
no image 180 x 180
14 count Small Tapestry