Tapestry for the Terrified

Tapestry is a peaceful pastime.  Nothing really matters – certainly not the back!!!  So just relax and enjoy it.  You can’t drop a stitch and if you put a stitch in the “wrong” place, just keep going, it won’t show and you won’t remember where it was 5 minutes later, let alone by the time you’ve finished the tapestry.

I’m not saying it’s fine to be slapdash – it is more to do with enjoying the needlework rather than worrying about it.  You will be an expert before long anyway!  Needlepoint is so relaxing and addictive that you will surprise yourself at how quickly you finish a whole cushion tapestry.

You have clear stitching diagrams in my kits; give it a go and you will soon get into a rhythm.

Your tapestry will go out of shape.  This isn’t even a mistake – it is normal!  It can be stretched back into shape in a jiff (a jiff being 3-4 days)

The best piece of advice I can give you is “Invest in a tapestry frame”.  A frame will prevent the tapestry going out of shape; not completely – but enough to make the difference after stretching, between a Perfectly Straight Tapestry and a Perfectly Straight Tapestry But With Long Pointy Corners At The Top Left And Bottom Right.  We have tapestry frames here.

My designing style gives flat uncomplicated areas of colour, so nothing on this website is difficult.  Go for 12 count projects or easier still – 10 count. The smaller the count number (stitches per inch) the bigger the canvas holes.

I keep saying it – Tapestry is for pleasure, not an exam.

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