Stella McCartney and me!

A bit of a fuss has been going on about the Team GB Olympic kit designed by Stella McCartney. It features the union flag in shades of blue & white rather than red, white and blue. It was announced on Facebook and users have been quick to slam the design – something I recently experienced myself and lost at least one sale that I know of, for my Diamond Jubilee design.  Diamond Jubilee Tapestry In two of the corners, I have blue & white Union flags.  And one customer who had asked me to put a kit aside for her rang me up to say she didn’t want it because there was no red on the flag. (Red would look horrible in this design and I think she agreed with that, but she wasn’t budging!)
It isn’t an earth shattering idea;  designers have successfully produced images of the flag in all colours of the rainbow and they look fabulous.
I’m rather pleased with Stella though.  I wanted to have at least some sort of nod to the Olympics in the 2012 Jubilee design, but the rules are so watertight that it is impossible without paying a lot for the privilege.  Now I seem to have got it with a subtle reflection of the Team GB kit.  That must be okay surely?  My design was published first!



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