Hearts and Home

"Home Patch and Mosaic Hearts"

Home Patch and Mosaic Hearts.  Very excited about the two fabulous new tapestries we launched recently, both full of rich colour and gorgeousness! Both tapestries are on 10 count canvas – easy to see and a pleasure to stitch.

Home Patch has a patchworky, applique, slightly vintage style with a touch of lace.  There’s fun to be had with it too, by filling in the ‘O’ with a chosen flag if you are feeling patriotic.  The printed canvas does not have the flag, but there are charts for the UK, US and Australian flags, or you could easily devise your own, particularly if it has nice and easy stripes!  It needn’t be the whole flag – just enough.

Then there’s the stunning Mosaic Hearts.  Great fun to stitch, and difficult to put down. The hearts seem to be jostling for attention and the zingy colours make sure this tapestry won’t go unnoticed!

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