About One Off Needlework

Wendy Hope-Falkner is the Owner/ Designer of One Off Needlework.

“My designs have a simple decorative style with clear areas of colour that are easy to follow on the printed canvas. The kits are packed with generous quantities of Appleton’s wools and our canvases are printed by specialists to ensure the greatest possible accuracy and quality.

One Off Needlework is based in the village of Billingshurst in West Sussex and our catalogue reflects an easy going rural life-style which I enjoy and try to bring to my designs.  Those designs on the whole, have a countryside theme, treated in a simple but decorative way because I never forget the pleasure and therapeutic effect of stitching.  That theme has been stretched a bit lately as new and various designs pop into my head, but the principle remains the same.

Enjoy your stitching
Above all, I want people to enjoy their needlepoint. I try to remember this as I design, so as not to build in too many little areas that are a struggle to see, or mean constant stopping and starting to change the yarn in the needle.

One Off is not just about cushions!  We have plenty of those but also Bunting, Christmas Stockings and two shapes of Doorstop.  So if your sofa is full, there are lots of different ideas to choose from.
Our kits come with detailed “Friendly Instructions” where I pass on some of the many gems I have learnt over time.  Here is one more..

Worth noting
Needlepoint looks beautiful on the front — it can’t help it, so please don’t worry about the back. Some people feel quite disheartened at the state of the back of their work and I always say “take no notice”! Such perfection may be praise-worthy and will come in time, but it should not be a burden if you find it difficult.

As long as you start and finish off threads safely, the front will always look good and the back takes care of itself.   It will be hidden anyway, so don’t let it get in the way of the pleasure of stitching.

Email me if you have any questions about the kits or need stitching advice. I am always happy to help.”


Wendy Hope-Falkner