To Stretch Or Not.

My most important piece of precision stretching equipment is an A4 sheet of paper which I use both before and after I stretch a canvas. I place it on the tapestry, each corner in turn, one row of stitching in, and can instantly see whether the tapestry is out of shape.  (They nearly always are at the ‘before’ stage.)

But every now and then, a tapestry comes in to our Cushion Making Service that really does not need stretching; so if it doesn’t need stretching – I don’t stretch it.  And incidentally, nor do I include the charge for stretching in these few cases.

This one came in earlier this week.  it passed the A4 test and could go straight to the cushion maker once fabrics and zips had all been organised.
no stretching 2no stretching

This is rare, but it was gratifying to note that I had recently sold a Tapestry Clip Frame to this same customer!

It is a mysterious thing though.  My own tapestries always need a little stretching, even though I always use a frame AND keep my canvases really taut on the frame AND use the least distorting stitch Basketweave Tent Stitch.  
But in practise, a little bit of stretching isn’t very different from a lot.  It is the same process.
So stretching is not an extra, it is included in our Making Up Service prices.  But if you are one of the lucky few, you may be in for a nice surprise.