Christmas/Work solution.

Christmas has not stopped the tapestries rolling in, and any tapestries stretched now can have 3 days uninterrupted drying time.
However, setting up several tapestries to be stretched all at once can lead to an aching back!
So today I found the perfect solution.
Stretch a tapestry – Wrap a present,  Repeat until you run out of either.

It worked a dream – tapestries stretched, presents wrapped and no backache.

Merry Christmas all round.

New Flower range

I thoroughly enjoyed myself last summer, producing a new range of quick and easy Tapestry designs featuring some of my favourite flowers.
Quick because they are small -18cms (7ins)square, and easy because they are 10 count, or 10 stitches to the inch.
They are versatile too; and can be made into Cushions or Glasses Cases.
Here they are; Vintage Rose, Viola and Poinsettia.

Flower Tapestry Kits

Vintage Rose Glasses Case

Vintage Rose
Pretty, as an old,
slightly faded picture.
So elegant.




Viola Glasses Case

Bold and colourful
with a cheeky face.





Poinsettia Glasses Case

As stunning as the
much loved Christmas
favourite plant.




There will be more Flowers throughout 2015.  Let me know your favourites and you never know…