The Flower Tapestries

About 18 months ago, I decided it was time for more small-ish, portable tapestry kits in my Catalogue.  My idea was stylised flower heads with an emphasis on brilliant colour. I designed my first three and because I was due a short stay in hospital – pretty much immobilised, I took them all with me.   They made the time fly by!

I would love to say they turned out just as I had hoped and were soon ready to meet their public, but that was not the case (it rarely is)  Much tweaking of colours and sizes followed, and mind-changing about which flowers to keep and which to abandon.  At least the little designs on 10 count canvas were quick to stitch.  So much so, that it was always quicker to start again than to struggle on unpicking where the colours didn’t quite work.
I know that sounds wasteful, but it really isn’t – it’s all part of the process!

I wanted the Flower Tapestries to be versatile; suitable to be made into a Cushion or a gorgeous Spec’s Case that wouldn’t disappear at the bottom of a handbag.  So I added a narrow border that could be stitched or left out depending on how the tapestry would eventually be made up.

Then when the designs were finalised, I stitched three of each to be made up in their various ways.

Vi, my ever willing Cushion lady made up both the cushions and Glasses Cases and meanwhile, I set to in the garden, painting all the chairs I could find for the kit photography.

chair painting done






Here at last are the first three designs:-
Vintage Rose Cushions and Glasses CaseViola Cushion and Glasses casePoinsettia Cushion and Glasses Case

Vintage Rose,  Viola,  Poinsettia.

There will be more to come.