Christmas 2013

Here in east-central-southern England…(?)  we were very much in the firing line for the Christmas Atlantic Storm. It was not as bad as the other two we have had since the autumn, but it did far more damage to power lines. So we had no power all day Christmas Eve.
After a rather chilly and fretful day, the power came on at 10.15 at night and Christmas got underway again.  But all around us there have been trees down, flooded rivers and valleys and roads closed. There was even a mudslide near Petworth.

Three precious tapestries have been on their way to me for over a week now, but they are due to be delivered tomorrow and, although the roads are lined with sawn off tree branches, they are open again for deliveries both to and from One Off.
We found one day without power pretty grim, especially after dark when by candle and torchlight you can see enough not to crash into the furniture but not enough to do much else.  I certainly couldn’t stitch!
So I feel very sorry for those still without power since Christmas Eve. I believe there are many with no prospect of heat and light this week.