What to do with the leftovers

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I have kept my wool snippings and unpickings since the dawn of time!
Rammed into my marmalade pot, they come out in little bales so I can tell which tapestries I have been stitching over many years.
These snippings are perfect for stuffing small or oddly shaped tapestry items, where ordering a cushion pad would be discombobulating to say the least for the suppliers.
So I was ready when a customer had a number of Special Requests for her Reindeer Stocking…. which normally  looks like this:
Reindeer Stocking
As well as the red version she wanted a blue one, and could I please make it face the other way?

I can print single canvases myself so this was done, my customer stitched both her tapestries and back they came for making up.
This was where we really went into the unknown.

They were to be made up in 3D!!! Like a box cushion.
So we also had to make stocking shaped box cushion pads to bulk out the stocking nearly to the top so she could add some little toys. (This was not to disappoint small children, the stockings will be hung up as Christmas Decorations.)
My stoic Cushion Lady said she loved a challenge.
She made a fabulous job of the stockings and for the pads she said she had made an overlapping slot at the bottom so I could stuff them and wouldn’t have any stitching up to do afterwards…
This is it!!!

I could just about get my finger in there and it took less time to open up a fist sized length of seam than it did to poke a cubic inch of wool snippings into that little aperture!

The pads were soon done, and here are the finished stockings.  I think they do great justice to my customer and her clever, original ideas.
3D Reindeer Stockings

All they need now is toys.

Tapestry for the Terrified

Tapestry is a peaceful pastime.  Nothing really matters – certainly not the back!!!  So just relax and enjoy it.  You can’t drop a stitch and if you put a stitch in the “wrong” place, just keep going, it won’t show and you won’t remember where it was 5 minutes later, let alone by the time you’ve finished the tapestry.

I’m not saying it’s fine to be slapdash – it is more to do with enjoying the needlework rather than worrying about it.  You will be an expert before long anyway!  Needlepoint is so relaxing and addictive that you will surprise yourself at how quickly you finish a whole cushion tapestry.

You have clear stitching diagrams in my kits; give it a go and you will soon get into a rhythm.

Your tapestry will go out of shape.  This isn’t even a mistake – it is normal!  It can be stretched back into shape in a jiff (a jiff being 3-4 days)

The best piece of advice I can give you is “Invest in a tapestry frame”.  A frame will prevent the tapestry going out of shape; not completely – but enough to make the difference after stretching, between a Perfectly Straight Tapestry and a Perfectly Straight Tapestry But With Long Pointy Corners At The Top Left And Bottom Right.  We have tapestry frames here.

My designing style gives flat uncomplicated areas of colour, so nothing on this website is difficult.  Go for 12 count projects or easier still – 10 count. The smaller the count number (stitches per inch) the bigger the canvas holes.

I keep saying it – Tapestry is for pleasure, not an exam.