Kind Words

When I post off a tapestry kit to a customer, nothing much happens after that (unless of course, it comes back stitched and ready for Making Up).
However, when I post off a finished cushion or stocking beautifully hand-made by one of my lovely cushion ladies, it is quite different!!!
Tapestries usually go rather crooked as they are being stitched and also can be pretty whiskery on the back as well, so they don’t necessarily look up to much when they are sent to me.
The transformation starts with the stretching.  It not only straightens the tapestry and makes corners into right angles, but it gives the whole thing the fresh, even appearance that you would expect from an expert stitcher – I suspect this is what impresses the most!
The cushion ladies complete the job and off go the finished items to the customers. There may have been lengthy conversations about fabrics; timings; who, how and where to send to; even apologies for poor tapestry stitching. But in the end, the work looks fabulous and the customers are very quick to be in touch to thank me and express their pleasure.  So thank you all for that – it makes my day.
Here are some of their Kind Words

Making Up Service

Three One Off tapestries and one Ehrman that has sneaked into the picture.