Bendy needleart

My last order of 1000 tapestry needles, brought with it a few surprises! I didn’t notice it at first, but when packing larger kits, I put the bulk of the wool inside the canvas and hold it all together with the needle.  And these needles were bending!!  They were really easy to bend.


I sent a handful of the new needles back to the supplier who were as mystified as I was and have now counted and checked 1000 more needles to send to me as a replacement.
I have bent tapestry needles before, but it took a couple of years when I used the same one all the time to see how long it would last.  It took on a gentle curve, but I had to throw it away in the end because as it wore, it became too sharp!

New Christmas Stockings

New designs – Christmas Stocking Tapestry kits.
Somehow this year, I endeavoured to choose colours for my new designs that promptly went right out of stock with my wool suppliers. Now they tell me that most of my missing colours have arrived and are on their way to me.  So, a bit late, here is the new range for 2011!
First, Christmas Stockings for Children – not for them to stitch, but for you to stitch for them!  This is Starry Stocking.  One design, three colourways, with Santa bustling about, scattering presents and stars everywhere.  Just click on the following links for a closer look.  Starry Stockings are now sold out as printed canvas kits, but still available as charted kits with plain canvas.
Left: Light Blue
for a boy.
Centre:  Pink
for a little girl when nothing but pink will do.
Right: Midnight
to conjure up the magic of Christmas for just about anyone.

Then there is Red Stocking.  A sparkling, magical stocking, packed as full as Santa’s sack with Christmas goodies. Angels and bells, Rudolf and robins, stars and snowflakes.

Red StockingI had noticed that Red Christmas Stockings are difficult to find.  When I began to draw Father Christmas – I realised why!!! So he is a very bright Santa which just adds to the sparkle – I think I have got away with it…

I have more new designs on the way, but that is another post.