We can work it out

I was reminded this week, how much needlepoint can mean to stitchers.

For many, the pleasure is all in the stitching but for others it comes from spending hours and hours making something special for a relative or a dear friend.
When a lady rang about our Making up Service, I had barely finished my phone answering greeting when she said the making up of one of my Christmas Stockings was so badly done she could cry.  She showed it to a neighbour who declared they could have done it better themselves.  I was speechless!  Had I posted off an item that badly done?  My sewing lady doesn’t do them badly – or even if she had, how had I let it go?  What staggeringly perfect standard was this lady expecting?  All this shot through my mind as I tried to think what to say!!  It wasn’t until she mentioned the piping…  “It’s not piped, it’s binding”  I managed to get in edgeways.  Then she explained that she had sent it to a local shop to be made up.
By this time, I could hear the poor lady was very upset as she explained she had stitched it for a relative and it had a special lining – and she hadn’t sent it to me because she had added to the design – and she thought I would mind. (I wouldn’t)

I haven’t seen this disaster yet, but I was able to say that I was sure my lovely Vi would be able to fix it, probably complete with the special lining …all will be well.

Also last week, a man emailed to say that his wife had just finished stitching Red Patch; he would post it that day and it would be wonderful if it could be ready for his wife’s birthday.  He appreciated that giving me a week when I ask customers to allow 4-5 weeks was asking a lot!

It was – because Vi, my fastest and nearest cushion lady, is on holiday! (She has been known to call me to say “Cushion’s done” within an hour.)

The tapestry had been beautifully stitched on a frame so it was easy to stretch and the warm summer weather helped to speed the drying along.   Then it was off for a drive through the Sussex downs to my backup cushion lady…. and she did it!

A number of factors had to fall into place and fortunately, they did.  Red Patch was packed and posted off in good time for the birthday.