I had a most interesting conversation with a customer who wondered if I could make my cushions more squishy!

We  normally like to use feather cushion pads that are 2 inches wider than the tapestry cover in our Cushion Making Service, to provide a firm, practical cushion that will display the needlework at its very best while providing good support for the back when needed.  These do relax with use and become softer and more ‘mouldable’.

So I had to ask my customer exactly what she meant by squishy!
Was she asking for Floppy? (using a smaller feather pad) for a homely, lived in look – Or Soft and Bouncy? (using a manmade fibre filled pad)  She chose the latter.

The resulting cushion is much lighter than it would be if it had a feather pad but it will remain soft and bouncy.

If you are particular over your squishiness preferences, do let us know.  We aim to please!