Speed Stitching?

This month, we are lucky enough to be featured in the Editor’s Choice pages of Good Housekeeping. Even though it is the August edition, subscribers were receiving their copies by July 1st.

One of the first of many orders for Regatta resulting from the Good Housekeeping appearance was posted to the customer on Monday afternoon – she will have received it on Tuesday.  The following Sunday, she emailed me to say her stitched kit was packed and ready to be posted to me the next morning for making up into a cushion!

I could hardly believe it. Six days to stitch a 10½inch square tapestry.
I think this must be a record.

It arrived this morning.  It had been beautifully stitched in continental tent stitch and the stitcher had worked in horizontal lines.  It was quite distorted so I don’t think a frame was used and I can only assume that she stitched with the much faster ‘sewing’ style as opposed to the stabbing method one has to employ when using a frame.  We can easily stretch the needlework back into shape and it will be made up into a cushion by one of my marvellous ‘cushion ladies’.

But it will probably take a little longer to make the cushion than it has taken our customer to stitch it!