Making Up Service: all you need to know

If the thought of turning your finished tapestry into a decorative and useful heirloom seems daunting, or you simply haven’t the time – then we can do it for you.

Please email me and I will reply with information and an order form.   

We specialise in canvas needlepoint (tapestry) cushions – by any designer – plus our own Cone Doorstops and Christmas Stockings.  Please don’t send other items, which may require different skills.

There is no extra charge for making up tapestries from other designers, but for very large or unusual shapes and sizes, both cushion pads and postage may have a bearing on the final price so we will need to calculate this for you.

October 1st  is the final date for the arrival of tapestries to ensure UK delivery of your finished item by Christmas.  It is also essential that you tell me in a note or on our order form posted with the tapestry that it is needed by then.

We use 100% cotton furnishing fabric and the cushions we make are zipped and have a piped edge made from the same fabric – although it can be a co-ordinating or contrasting colour.
We can discuss colours and send fabric swatches or photos of fabric and tapestry together.  

Cushion pads are normally feather, but we can supply synthetic pads in cases of feather allergies.

Insured Special Delivery (UK only)  is included in all the prices below.

  • Stretching Only (straightens and smooths wonky tapestries.  Max. size 22 ins (56cms) £30.00
  • Large Cushions –  over 16 inches (40cms) to max size 22 ins (56 cms)  from £76.00 
  • Standard Cushions – 12 -16 inches (up to 40cms)  £73.00 
  • Small Cushions –  9 -12 inches (up to 30cms)  £68.00
  • Even Smaller – up to 9 inches (23 cms)  from £56.00
    (For small sizes we can add a fabric border for an extra £12.50)
  • Round Cushions with “box” sides from £85.00
  • Christmas Stockings  £66.00
  • Cone Doorstops made up ready for filling.  £65.00   

Cushion prices include: Preparing and stretching the tapestry; fabric for the cushion back and piping;  zip;  making up;  cushion pad;  Special Delivery postage UK.  In other words- everything!

Round cushions:
Important! Please don’t trim the canvas.  We can only stretch square or rectangular canvases.

We make these up as ‘box’ cushions, so that the top and bottom are almost flat and the cushion has sides, with a depth usually of about 2½ inches (6.5 cms).  

Stocking prices include:
Preparing and stretching the tapestry, making up with backing fabric  lining and loop.  Special Delivery postage UK.

Cone Doorstop prices include:
Preparing and stretching the tapestry; making up the shaped doorstop with a fabric base; making an inner bag to hold the filling; adding the cord handle (cord colours may vary); Special Delivery postage UK.
The doorstop is returned unfilled and with small gaps left in the side seam and the inner bag for the customer to sew up after filling.  

Please include a completed order form or a note with all your instructions e.g. fabric colour preferences (or dislikes),  deadlines, etc. – even if we have discussed these by email or over the phone.  We will work from that form or note.
The order form can be requested by email 

Follow the check list below to make sure that your cushion comes back to you exactly as you wanted it.

  1. Please don’t trim canvas –  we need ample unstitched canvas at the edges for stretching.  We can only stretch square or rectangular canvases.
  2. Are there any ‘steps’ (incomplete rows) at the edges?  Steps mean we have to sew further into the needlework making bulky seams, so it is well worth filling them in.
  3. Missed stitches? Hold up to the light to see.
  4. Border Stitching  The outside row of stitching will go into the seam.  If your tapestry has a border of a single row in a contrasting colour, you could lose this, so you may want to add another row all round.
  5. Which way up?  We put the zip at the bottom, so if you think I won’t be able to tell, please write TOP in pencil on the canvas. 
  6. Ink! Felt tip or ball point pen marks under the stitching might run and spoil the tapestry. We cannot be responsible for such damage especially if no mention has been made.
  7. Your own fabric.  You are welcome to supply your own fabric,  but please ring for quantity before sending. if you send much too much, there may be extra postage to return it.  We do not charge for cushion fabric if we use yours.
  8. Posting.  We recommend that you post it to us by a recorded postal service.
    Jiffy bags are the best method of packing.
  9. Payment.   I don’t usually charge until the work is done.  We can take a Card number over the phone; or I can send an online Request for Payment where you can pay safely online, just follow the links in the email. 

    Our address:
    One Off Needlework,  4 Station Road, Billingshurst, West Sussex RH14 9RE  UK

    Making Up Examples
    We make up  Standard Cushions,  Box Cushions (with sides), Christmas Stockings, and our own Cone Doorstops.

    Sorry, we do not make up Brick Doorstops, Glasses Cases, Bell Pulls or Wall Hangings.

    Email: [email protected]
    Or ring 01403 782200

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