Conkers! Two brand new brick doorstop designs have been added to the collection. They fit in perfectly with our other bricks, the butterflies, acorns and bees all of which are still hugely popular and and all make ideal presents for the “family who have everything”.
The Cone Doorstop is a completely new idea in Needlepoint Tapestry Kits.  The Millefiori design lends itself perfectly to this unique shape.

Conkers doorstops
New!  Conkers
12 count Tapestry
2 Doorstop Tapestry kits
Ecru Conkers Doorstop
Conkers Brick Doorstop
12 count Tapestry

Black Conkers Doorstop
Black Millefiori Cone Doorstop
Green Millefiori Cone Doorstop
Ecru Butterfly Doorstop
Blue Butterfly Brick Doorstop
Acorns Ecru Brick Doorstop
Red Bees Brick Doorstop
Black Bees Brick Doorstop
Blue Bees Brick Doorstop
no image 180 x 180