Simply Gorgeous Tapestry Kits


A warm welcome to you. 

Come in and explore our exciting mix of Traditional and Modern Tapestry Kits.

  • Designed and produced in West Sussex, UK.  
  • Quality materials – Appleton’s wools cut to length and 100% cotton canvas.
  • Canvases printed by specialists.  (All designs also available as Counted Kits with plain canvas and larger charts)
  • Tent stitch – stitch diagrams and friendly instructions in every kit.  
Oriental Cat
2013 catalogs 180w
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Starter Kits
Reindeer Stocking
Glasses Cases
Balloons 12 count Tapestry Kit

Tapestry Making Up Service

However wonky, however inexpert you think your stitching is, don’t worry.  We never criticise because we know that once your tapestry has been stretched and made up, it will look fabulous!

Cushion Making
Sampler Stocking
Cone Doorstop Making